Proudly based out of Hamilton, ON, Hibma Photography is a husband and wife team that love to take pictures and create lasting memories. Melodee developed her photographic skills when a shutter click still meant a picture printed and quickly developed a keen eye for framing great images. Andrew has developed great editing skills through years of practice for both work and pleasure.


Together we will work to bring you fantastic images that capture all aspects of your life. We strive to give you images that are memorable, shareable, and most of all affordable.


We believe that the best photos are the ones taken in natural settings showing who you are, whether as a family, a couple or at an event. The majority of our photographs are taken outside with natural light, as we capture memorable moments. We focus our work on Family sessions, Weddings and Events, but we still like to take pictures of other things too.


We also believe that, in a camera saturated world, there is still a need for quality images that can't be captured by a smart phone or point and shoot camera. At the same time we try to be affordable and accessible to as many people as possible.


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Memorable. Sharable. Affordable.